Chasing Daydreams is a lifestyle blog dedicated to all dreamers and pursuer of dreams. The blog is run by Pikki, a 20-something Filipina, was born and raised in Iligan — the City of Majestic Waterfalls. She graduated March 2017 in Iligan Medical Center College with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Aside from her interest in science, she loves to write about her experiences in life and her love for anything fashion-related. She aspires to help others go through life courageously by giving life tips and tricks! Pikki started this blog as a hobby but then became a platform for writing about her love for fashion and her big dreams.

Though she is not an expert she still hopes she can give an impact to her readers. In fact, one of her dreams is to gather all the dreamers and make a difference and bring color to this grayed out world. Join her on this journey of style, love, and life.

Chase your daydreams!