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July 5, 2017

I was going through a friend’s blog when I came across the brand Oh My Bag PH. It is a local brand that caters to YOUR BAG’S needs. Yes, a store for bag care and accessories. So your bags a.k.a babies get some love and attention too! One thing you might not know about me is that I hoard collect bags. They may not be of some luxury brands, but I love them just as much. Most of the bags I own are mostly plahermein, minimal, and monochromatic (a.k.a me), you see how it’s kinda hard to spruce them up and make them look somehow unique. So Oh My Bag was a real game changer! And you know I got to be so extra and show my babies some love.

I’m so happy I got my hands on these cute handle wraps! These are one of the products they have and I got excited the most. These cuties retail for Php 299.00 to 450.00, depending on the style. Basically an affordable Hermes Twilly! So I got them in two different pattern/style. Each set comes with two wraps, so if your bag has two handles you get one for each.

Amanda Purple Summer handle wrap

This is my current go-to bag, a gray backpack from SM Parisian. What I did was wrapped the handle and used the other wrap as an accent bow to give it a new look. Design: Amanda Purple Summer Edition Handle Wraps

Amanda Purple Summer handle wrap Candy Rudy handle wrap

So this is my most used bag from Something Borrowed which you can see me use here, here, and here. I used the candy ruby design

Candy Rudy handle wrap

Check out their website here. There are a lot of pretty handle wrap designs and bag care, like raincoat, dust bag, and bag cover.

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