Reasons Why I Love Hanging Out at Petscapes

June 20, 2017

If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories you’d know that I’ve been hanging out at a pet store/concept cafe called Petscapes. The store’s name is actually a combination of two words — pets and aquascapes! They sell a variety of pet accessories and food also they boast their impressive nature aquariums in different sizes filled with different fish. In a week I, probably, visit the store thrice. I know, I know that’s quite frequent and you might ask, “WHY THO?” Well, I am going to tell you why!

The Ambiance

Petscapes’ ambiance is something one would definitely appreciate. The notable interior of the store plus the scenic nature aquariums will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. PS. I love how a lot of cafes in Iligan are stepping up their interior design game!

The Staff

They have the most accommodating and smiling staff — something you’d want to see when you hang out at a cafe or anything alike. They’d tend to your needs, they’ll ask you how your day went, but not to the point where they’d be up in your face. Just the right amount of friendly. Their groomers and the barista are obviously close and are funny. Happy staff, happy surroundings, happy me!

The Coffee

Most of my Instagram stories most of the time you’d see me drink different concoctions — coffee, smoothies, lemonades, teas, you name it! My favorite from their wide array of selection is the iced hazelnut latte. Well for one, iced latte is my fave type of coffee blend. Plus they use Arabica coffee beans (the posh type of bean) which make the coffee have that authentic taste.

The Animals

Okay, so, this is really the number one reason why I frequent Petscapes. The store doesn’t have any pet for sale except for fish, but they do offer grooming services (aka my free petting zoo!). I have cuddled and snuggled different furbabies at the store that comes in for grooming.

So those are practically the main reasons why I love hanging out at Petscapes. It’s honestly my new happy place! How bout you? Do you have a store you frequently visit that you feel like you’re practically like a resident? Comment them down below, I’m curious and might visit them if I ever get the chance. Also if you ever visit Petscapes and see me, do say hi! Would love to hangout with one of my readers. See you there!

Petscapes is located at Door 2 GM Arcade, Quezon Avenue Extension, Pala-o 9200 Iligan City!

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    1. Excuse me po but do not call me dai! LOL. Anyhoo, They don’t have cats and dogs at the store only those who come to get groomed. I’m not comfortable posting photos of pets I don’t own here on the blog. hehe 🙂

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