UNIQLO Opening in CDO

June 30, 2017

As a person who loves things from the land of the rising sun, I am super ecstatic about UNIQLO opening at SM CDO Downtown Premier! Yes, the first store in Northern Mindanao. UNIQLO is a brand I have been eyeing on for ages but haven’t gotten a chance to enjoy because most of the stores are not in my area prior to this day. That’s why when they sent out an invite for an exclusive sneak peek I was in a frenzy! Another dream come true.

If you’re confused and thought that I might be over-reacting over a clothing brand, well, lemme break it down for you. UNIQLO is a brand that was founded in Japan. The store designs casual, functional (Uniqlo Sport), and innovative clothing (i.e. AIRism and HEATTECH) a.k.a. LIFEWEAR. They make the most versatile clothing that’ll surely cater every category and social groups. Just with the innovative clothing, this brand wins by a lot!

The designs are mostly on a basic or staple type that you can mix and match with anything and everything in your wardrobe. Good thing they are finally open today! I can’t wait to hoard more staples from Uniqlo! Check out the photos below from the Media and VIP exclusive event last June 28.

Kagami Biraki — a Japanese traditional Sake Barrel-Breaking Ceremony

Drinking sake from this masu (MAH-soo)!

A tour of the store by TV host Nicole Abas-Datayan and Uniqlo’s operations manager.

The Hana Tajima collection for the Hijabi and conservative and stylish ladies.

Me obsessing over the jeans!

The aftermath — a happy shopper!

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